My Story

I have made Pima County my home for almost 30 years. I fell in love with the Sonoran Desert when visiting family in 1990 and knew I would eventually call this place home. What makes our community so amazing is its diversity. Culturally, Pima County is a melting pot of many different ethnic, religious and cultural backgrounds. Our county embraces these diversities and thrives because of them. Always interesting, never boring our community delivers the best of what our country has to offer and what our forefathers envisioned when authoring “We the People of the United State, in Order to form a more perfect Union…”.

I’ve been with the Pima County Recorder’s Office for over 5 years. Moving from the private sector to the government sector was an easy transition due in part to the emphasis on operational excellence and process improvement.

I started with the Pima County Recorder’s Office as an Administrative Specialist, Senior. This title involved hiring upwards of 80 employees per year, accounting, purchasing, and media relations. During my first year at the Recorder’s Office, I became a Certified Election Officer for the State of Arizona. During elections, it’s an all-hands-on-deck working environment. All duties from answering voter calls, to delivering supplies, to signature verifying Ballot by Mail ballots are part of everyone’s job description. My, and everyone on the Administration team’s, job description can be summarized as: “Yes/All of the above/Whatever is needed” especially during election season.

Currently, I am the Assistant Chief Deputy Recorder. My duties have expanded within the office. I lead our Information Technologies team, facilitate department purchasing, budgeting, planning, and set up the early voting sites. The Recorder’s Office has a reputation within Pima County as a customer-focused, reliable, efficiently run department, and I’m proud to be a part of the team that makes that happen.

I’ve learned so much over the course of the past 5 years. This year I’ve been involved in the legislative process as well as the Elections Procedure Manual. These new experiences have only furthered my love for the office and fueled my enthusiasm in running for Pima County Recorder.

I truly believe, as your next Pima County Recorder, I can make a difference and build on the outstanding legacy that F. Ann Rodriguez has created.